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Ballybunion B&B

The Tides Guest House Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland

The Cashen Course Ballybunion

Hole 1 

Drive to the right of the bunkers on the left at this 522 Yard par 5, This gives a clear view up a generous fairway to the elevated green that is best accessed from the right. There are dramatic borrows on this green and a large drop-off left and back.

Hole 2 

When you tee off to the large fairway at the 377 Yard par 4, you will notice the River Cashen, which gives the course its name, to the left. Beware of the bunker on the left which traps many victims, As you hit to the green, be advised that everything feeds to the left with the flow of the land. This green has a very tricky putting surface.

Hole 3 

On this tee, to your left you will see the very picturesque Cashen Village, and probably some salmon fishermen at work. This is a short shot, only 154 Yards par 3 to a triangular green, with a bunker front and back right.

Hole 4 

From this 350 Yard par 4 you can see the mouth of the River Shannon with Kerry Head beyond. Teeing off to the generous fairway beneath will pose no real problems, and the guarded green is easily accessible as you progress to what should be an easy par, or even birdie.

Hole 5 

Your favourite long iron, followed by a wedge left of the flag, will have you thinking of more red figures at this 314 Yard par 4. This is a dramatic short semi-dogleg with elevated green, sculpted into a beautiful hill.

Hole 6 

This is a very spectacular 155 Yard par 3, with more room than first appears. However, miss this green and things get very tricky - there is a hidden bunker at the middle back to catch the over enthusiastic.

Hole 7 

This par 4, 378 Yarder, brings you to the furthest corner of the course. A good drive here keeps you well away from the high maram grass (which reaches waist level) and sets up a birdie opportunity. Locals use iron at the tee as you have out of bounds all along the left, with valleys and hills. Covered with maram, to the right.

Hole 8 

Golf wise, this hole is as awesome as it appears visually. The local geography is breathtaking, but you must stick to your task. A drive to the left edge of the fairway usually falls into a very favourable position. Beware of the two sand bunkers approximately 135 Yards from the green. On the elevated green, 605 Yards away there are undulations to perplex even the most focussed golfer. This is the longest hole of Ballybunions two courses.

Hole 9 

This short 478 Yard Par 5 presents a good birdie opportunity - one to be availed of if possible - as you complete the outward half. The back nine coming up, while stunningly beautiful, presents a much tougher proposition. What you see here at No 9 is a tricky pot bunker on the left of this 2 tiered kidney shaped green.

Hole 10 

As you head for home, the key to success over the return journey, is to hit where you can see. However, use the driver sparingly at this 324 Yard par 4 hole for instance. Hit your favourite mid iron to the left edge of the fairway bunker. It is now just a short shot to the elevated three tiered green. Beware of the hidden bunker on the left.

Hole 11 

This beautiful par three sits into the sand hill like it's been there forever. A short shot is needed across a deep ravine, but you must avoid a pot bunker on the front right. Get your yardage right, its just 146 Yards!

Hole 12 

Good results at this elevated 210 Yard par 3 come from the shoulder on the right. This green is deceptively sloped to the front and extremely fast.

Hole 13 

You may have seen photographs of this 396 par 4 in many golfing magazines. If you never played golf, you would still know you were in a special place here. The sand hill to your right is the largest natural sand hill in Europe. The Tee shot should go over where the fairway cut meets the hill on the left. The surrounds throw nearly all shots back onto the green, in the ravine to the right of the green there are the remains of a Neolithic settlement, which have been preserved. This is indeed a place of timeless beauty.

Hole 14 

A 400 yard par 4. From this tee the ground undulates everywhere. Hit your Tee Shot over the white stone as far as you like. The second shot is a short tricky pitch to a kidney-shaped green with a hollow on its left and a hill to the right.

Hole 15

This dogleg 487 Yard Par 5 demands three well placed shots to get onto this small, triangular, elevated green. Drive to the white stone with your favourite long iron and from there hit your second to the generous fairway beneath. Favour the right hand side of the green as there is no back left to this triangle! Before moving on, take a look back to where you've come from- awesome!

Hole 16 

At this par 3 you are assured of a beautiful visual backdrop provided by the River Shannon as it meets the Atlantic Ocean, and the County Clare Landscape in the distance. A good shot will bring equally pleasant rewards. It is 164 Yards to this little green with out of bounds on the left.

Hole 17 

An attractive pathway guides you to this beautifully appointed tee for a special 479 Yard par 5 that runs all the way along the Ocean. You drive out left of the white stone. You must decide whether to lay up 80 Yards short, or go for it. You must now be very aware just how three dimensional golf links this can be. This hole yields many birdies.

Hole 18 

A long Iron left of the white stone will leave you a mid-iron to this elevated large green on this 368 final hole. On the other hand, if your driver has been kind to you, you could try using it - following line two thirds of the hill on the left. There is a bunker short left of this tricky green and a par four is a good result.

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