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Ballybunion B&B

The Tides Guest House Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland

Ballybunion Beach

In the summer, Ballybunion attracts many families and young people to enjoy the sandy beach, warm Atlantic waters and the pubs along the high street. Nearby cliffs offer excellent scenery. Sometimes dolphins may be seen in the waters. The beaches near Ballybunion are a popular surfing site.

Other traditions include the beachside Seaweed Baths, featuring sea water with kelp. In the summertime cooked periwinkles are salted and served in small paper bags along with a pin to extract the small sea snails. The village itself contains mostly pubs and amusement arcades, fast food restaurants, children's playground, a supermarket, Garda Station and a statue commemorating the golfing visit of Bill Clinton. This was the first statue of Bill Clinton on public display in the world; it is located on the corner of Main Street and Church Road.

Ballybunion Blue Flag Beach

Ballybunion is widely known at present as the most famous seaside resort in North Kerry. It is well known for its glorious beaches and panoramic cliff walks. There are breath-taking views out over Loop Head as one walks high up over the cliffs overlooking the Virgin Rock.

The beaches are safe for both bathing and surfing enthusiasts. There are currently 2 blue flag beaches in Ballybunion. There are two commonly used beaches in Ballybunion, accessed by large, very steep concrete pavements, and divided by the cliff atop which stands the ruined castle. The beach to the left of the castle (if looking toward the sea) is called the "Men's Beach", and the one to the right the "Ladies Beach", given to the fact that men used to bathe on a separate beach from women and children. This practice has not been observed for decades.

The Ladies Beach has the added attraction of magnificent rock formations. For many years visitors and locals alike have enjoyed the therapeutic and relaxing seaweed baths. The large cliffs to the right of the women's beach have shallow caves. There is also a path which takes about 20 minutes to walk, and goes round to the "Nun's Beach", a beautiful beach that is overlooked by an old convent.

The Nun’s Beach is accessed only by means of a steep track with the assistance of a rope hand-rail.The sheer cliffs over the beach have a scenic walking path, featuring a blowhole, views of sea stacks and a multitude of wildlife. The blowhole is a natural formation also known as The 9 Daughters Hole. According to local legend, the 9 daughters of a local chieftain fell in love with 9 invading Vikings, and planned to elope and get married. The chieftain threw his daughters and the Vikings into the blowhole and they drowned

Ballybunion Beach Accomodation

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