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Ballybunion B&B

The Tides Guest House Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland

Ballybunion Walks

Theres tonnes of routes to choose from you'll find plenty of your own routes.

The Cliff Walk
A short stroll that should take no more than half an hour. It starts halfway down the road to the Ladies beach & loops back to the same point. In summer theres a good chance you'll see dolphins, so keep an eye on the bay. You'll also pass a huge blow-hole called the "Nine Daughters" where a local chief threw his own daughters after he caught them about to elope with some vikings. There is usually plenty of parking spaces except on hot summer days when it can get pretty busy. If you'd like to extend the walk by fifteen minutes or so you can walk up the path by the convent to see the more secluded nun's beach. Beautiful views of the cliffs, beaches, sea arches & sea stacks.

The Long Strand
It takes two to three hours. Facing the Castle, walk down the beach on your left & continue until you come to the Cashen river, you'll see a track through the sand dunes on your left, take this onto the Cashen beach & keeping along the left side take the steps upto the car park & continue straight up the road, past the two golf courses & back to the Castle. Excellent chance of seeing a huge variety of seabirds & the occasional dolphins & seals. Also views of the world famous Old & Cashen golf courses. In Summer when you emerge from the dunes onto the Cashen, keep an eye out for the Salmon fishermen who will gladly sell you a wild & very organic Atlantic salmon.

The Hill Walk
A slightly more strenuous walk but well worth it for the views. Starting point is at the Grotto just at the edge of town at the crossroads of the Listowel & Tralee roads. Takes about two hours. Keeping to the footpath, with the grotto on your left head up the road directly in front of you. After about two miles & crossing two small bridges, you'll see a very straight & quite steep road leading up the hill. Walk up this until you come to a road on your left, keep to this & it will bring you back to the Grotto. Stunning views of the Atlantic & Shannon estuary. There's an option of extending this walk by about an hour by passing the left hand turn after the steep uphill rise & continuing up the hill taking the right hand turn at the bench to the very top of the hill, returning by the same route back to the aforementioned turn off. From here on a clear day you'll have a panoramic view of Kerry & Clare.

Top of the Hill Walk .
A simply stunning & very quiet trail across the top of the hill. Parking your car at the hill top near the aerials, you should see a black pole with a walker on it in on your left as you look down the road, clamber over the fence & keep going, when you come to the end of the first field cross to the other side of the ditch & continue on. The walk ends at another small aerial & you will have to return by the same route. This walk will take you right across the hill & again allows for beautiful views of the Atlantic, Clare & up as far as Foynes. Takes about 40 minutes & is unpaved, so bring wellies.

Ballybunion to Beale.
Takes two to three hours . Start at the statue of Bill Clinton & continue down Main Street turning right at the Bunker bar keeping left at the Cliff House Hotel. Continue up Doon rd until you come to the ruins of the old church. Take the next left along the coast road & continue for about three miles until you reach Kilconly school. Return by the same route. Views include church ruins, wind turbines, sand dunes, old farmhouses & the Atlantic & Shannon Estuary.

Ballybunion Walks

Ballybunion Walks Accomodation

At Ballybunion Accommadation we have the guided walks maps, and local certified Guide Danny Houlihan at your service. Danny has the History of Ballybunion in a walking enciclopedia of local History, Folkfore and Culture.

Walking Trips and Tours arranged as part of your visit to Ballybunion so why not visit and stroll the mighty shores of Ballybunion while retreating to our B&B after the days events.

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